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Buddha's Heart Sutra

The pure light of Shakyamuni Gautama Buddha's teachings has spread to all corners and cultures of the world. His images adorn our homes and gardens as sculpture and art; they are now part of our contemporary world view.
What exactly did Buddha teach?
How relevant are his steps to freedom for our lives and society today?

During this time of dramatic upheaval and transformation, individuals are searching for ancient truths, such as the Buddha revealed 2500 years ago, in order to find personal freedom, knowledge, creativity and enduring love.

In this clear, brief and relevant discussion of the approximately 250 words of the focal point of all Buddha shared - the Prajna Paramita or Heart Sutra - we find practical and truthful answers to our loneliness, depression and personal suffering, along with the violent malaise and chaotic social changes of our time - the ghettoization of the planet.

The time-tested steps to end all pain, sorrow and suffering are found in the psychological commentary that is woven into this book. Excerpts from Adi Shankaracharya's Crest-Jewel of Discrimination, Jesus' views by Yogananda on the Second Coming of the Christ Intelligence, Yogananda on Consciousness and Matter and Deganawideh the Hodenosaunee Peacemaker show the unity of this soul connection with the Source Creator.

Radiant, colourful images of the Buddhas as well as healing mandalas create healing, openings and a sense of beauty and bliss for the reader. From this offering, may you find pure joy, supreme peace, deep self-worth and pure love.

Founder and Director of the Academy of World Psychology and Creative Arts, psychotherapist and medical-psychological anthropologist, Joseph Barry Martin has researched and trained thousands of clients in a vast network of complementary ancient and modern quantum healing modalities for over 37 years. He has studied and practiced various cultural forms of Buddhism. Joseph is a composer, artist and writer living in Victoria BC.

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