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Counseling and Facilitation


Dreams are the wishes of the soul and therefore are one of the greatest avenues and processes to uncover who you really are, what your feelings and needs are, and what your life path and purpose can be. Dreamwork deals with the hurt inner child/children, shadow projections, parental issues, spiritual revelation, past lives, future possibilities, and blocked emotions and feelings hidden deep within the psyche and the physical tissues.
Dreams speak directly from the heart, and the conscious ego mind needs to build an increasingly open healing attitude and transformational approach to the deep passionate matters of the heart.

We support and facilitate dreamwork through 61 modalities, so that you can hear your inner heart and soul, transmute your feelings, meet your deepest needs, and integrate your spirit, mind, heart and body.

This can be done in person or over the phone anywhere in the world.


Psychotherapy is the process of uncovering soul, opening the heart, purifying the mind, dealing with emotional trauma and karma, healing the physical body, and most of all reconnecting with your Divine Source. Everyone needs psychotherapy at various junctures of their life when crises such as loss of relationship, health and job loom so that they can understand the calling of the soul and redirect their life path through spiritual transformation of their consciousness, attitudes and positive life choices.

We are happy to facilitate any and all tragic, comic, challenging and adventurous experiences you are going through. True deep psychotherapy is about being held in perfect love while you go through death and rebirth portals into something clearer, brighter, stronger, more peaceful and courageous. We hold you in perfect love so that you can feel the empowerment to heal and grow yourself into being more of the Love You Are.

Inner Child Work

Nobody received the perfect love from a mother or father in their childhoods. Most adults say they feel unloved, unwanted, unneeded and fear rejection and abandonment. Only when you work on these feelings of the wounded and healing inner children will the adult feel worthy, wanted, loved, needed, secure, strong, peaceful and whole. If you don’t do the inner work, the dark shadow children can take over your adult feelings and destroy your happiness, relationships, health and work.

When you consciously and energetically embody the Divine Christ-Buddha child, who is your perfectly loving soul, then this Self aspect will also heal the wounded and healing inner children and create inner transformation, harmony, peace, centredness and groundedness.

Doing Inner Child Work is mandatory for any adult to become a mature, heart-centered, neurotic-free, balanced and sane individual. Otherwise, there will always be felt kinesthetic inner pain, anger, sorrow, loneliness, anxiety and fear within your chest and torso area of your body, and unbalanced spiritual, mental and emotional health.

Dr. Joseph Martin, Ph.D. is happy to coach and facilitate you through your self-responsible healing process, no matter the concerns or how you feel about the state you’re in. If you’ve tried everything else, isn’t it time you focused on your spirit, mind, heart, emotions and body in a deep, profound and growth-promoting way that takes you into your own healing Source?

As a psychotherapist for over 35 years, and a professor at the Universities of Toronto and Guelph, Joseph has facilitated individuals, couples and families of all ages, backgrounds, ethnicities and sexual orientations in any and all life issues with a kind heart and a gentle manner.

Joseph is delighted to offer a wide range of healing services. Fun, easy and helpful methods Joseph facilitates which clients find very useful are:
Dreamwork and Healing
Healthy Lifestyle (diet, nutrition, sleep, exercise)
Various Energy Medicines
Breathwork, Rebirthing and Kundalini Kriya Yoga
Visualizations & Meditations
Spiritual Emergence, Spirit Masters Connection
Inner Child Healing
Medical Self-Hypnosis
Soul Retrieval
Native Journeying and Healing
Jungian Depth Psychology
NLP Training & Time Line Therapy
Art and Music Therapy
Anger, Grief and Anxiety Management
Sports Training
Anthroposophical Past Life Consultations
Medical Intuitive Diagnosis
Living Simply in Harmony and Happiness

Joseph has coached and trained thousands of individuals and hundreds of groups, facilitating their empowerment in reaching their goals of personal excellence in spirit, soul, mind, emotions, physical body, relationships and creativity. Individuals remember to “Be the Love You Are.” All sessions are confidential and are held in a respectful and caring manner.

Joseph teaches Heart Ways of Knowing and Being Quantum Healing Playshop-Workshops with partners Miriam Sanua and Andre Nobels around the world.

Fee:  $150 for 90 minutes. All sessions are primarily for experiential learning, healing and self-empowering; Ninety (90) minute sessions are important to allow for intention-setting, energetic healing and processing, post-processing discussion, and further goal setting. Four to six sessions are suggested to start, and then further goals can be made.  
All sessions are by appointment. Please phone for free telephone consultation and to set-up an appointment in person.
Please call Dr. Joseph at (250) 474-4176 to set up an appointment.

Joseph has helped me for the past three years now on my spiritual and personal life. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to make magical changes in their lives. I have learned a lot from Joseph about loving life and learning to love others. I feel whoever meets Joseph will fall in love with the love-light that he shares with people when he teaches and heals people. My life has changed and continues to change every day.
Rock Pressley, world-class Marathon runner

Following creativity classes with Joseph, I have worked with him as a mentor -guide for a period of approximately 3 years. Our sessions encompassed several healing modalities including breathwork, various meditation-visualization techniques, dream therapy, and discussions aimed at clearing fear based patterns and re-focusing the mind energy on the gifts within. I also took several of Joseph's workshops and courses which assisted further in my own healing and greatly expanded my own work as a healer.
Over all, Joseph has always been a very insightful guide and mentor, drawing on his own extensive experience, healing journey and well developed connection with the spirit realm. He lives what he teaches. I believe his aim has always been to help those he comes in contact with, and instill in them the same Love of Life and of the Divine as he so openly projects.
Jacques Bergeron

Joseph is pure Divine sit in his presence you get bathed and leave with clarity, a feeling of peace and a sense that all is perfect and as it should be.
Marla Meenakshi Joy, yoga and meditation teacher, kirtan singer

I have attended a number of Dr. Joseph Martin’s workshops and they have forever changed my life. He has facilitated my journey to self discovery, finding my true spirit, forgiving the past and moving into a closer relationship with my spiritual master. I shall always be grateful for Joseph’s private sessions that have allowed me to find and accept happiness.
Thomas Rivers

When I speak with Joseph I am always greeted by a boundless, open heart. His shining, loving nature guides me and teaches me how to be the greatest love that I am. Danielle Seville

Dr. Joseph Martin, Ph.D.          (250) 474-4176

            Modern medical research shows that physical, emotional and mental traumas we have had in our lives are part of the causes of illness and cancer. Doctors have identified the three major types of trauma that need to be dealt with, so that people can stay healthy or get well if they are sick. These are the birth trauma, accidents and surgeries, and psychological-emotional traumas.

            Birth can be challenging because we need to take the first breath and often never do. This means many of us still do not breathe as we need to in order to stay healthy—by taking deep, slow full breaths! We need to learn to breathe properly.

            Since childhood, many of us have had falls, slips, sports injuries, and car accidents, etc. where we’ve fallen down and had the wind knocked out of us and wrenched some muscles, perhaps dislocating our spine or joints. Such accidents stop the healthy vital energy from flowing through our nerves, muscles and circulation. The unfortunate fallout from these can last for years and may result in arthritis, rheumatism, back pains, headaches, constantly sore muscles, sciatica, neuralgia, nerve pains and other chronic suffering. All this can be dealt with satisfactorily and scientifically through “Energy Medicine.”

            It seems all of us over the years have had to deal with mental and emotional stress from health, relationships, finances, careers, unrealized dreams, job change, and the death or loss of a loved one or pet. And now we know that psychological stress saps our energies, makes us depressed and sad, brings on anxiety and doubts, and stops us from living our life to the full—wanting to be happy, loving and creative. These “negative energies” become blocked within our nerves, muscles, organs, tissues and cells according to Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, and Western Complementary Medicine. Luckily there are those trained in these ancient and modern methods that can give us relief and a new vitality.

            Therefore, it makes good practical sense to deal with these traumas in order to heal and get better. And how do we deal with these traumas?

            I have spent my lifetime researching, teaching and working with thousands of clients/patients in order to learn how we can heal ourselves. And it can be easy, natural and even fun. For more than 35 years, I have facilitated individuals of all ages and backgrounds in healing through Energy Medicine. Energy Medicine assumes that we as individuals are linked to the Universal Energy Field of Love that is around and within each one of us. When we have negative thoughts, feelings and experiences, our personal connection to this Energy Field is diminished or shut down in some parts of our being. We feel tired, upset, off-kilter and not ourselves. We lose hope and stamina. We lose our sense of our authentic Self. Energy Medicine remedies this by allowing the natural life force to once again flow easily and consistently through us. The tissues and cells revive, and our vitality returns. This will work for you too, when you decide today to take self-responsibility to empower yourself with the natural healing powers within and around you.

            A typical session starts with learning to breathe fully and deeply, and by calming the mind. Then we explore the causes of your state of ill health through a gentle and safe visualization-meditation to your inner heart space of wholeness and greatest well-being. While I am verbally facilitating this meditation, I gently give you an Energy Medicine treatment, which is mostly hands-off, to release blocked energies within you, and to open your energy systems up once again to receive the sweet, beneficent and loving flow of Universal Source Healing Power through you. You will likely feel a tingling rush of electromagnetic energy from head to toe. This Healing Light is the highest Healing Intelligence. It knows exactly where to flow into your spirit, mind, heart and body in order to give you the maximum healing experience for each session and afterwards.

            You will feel energy blockages release and the healing natural life force flow to those needed areas. In my past experience, many of the cancer clients and others I’ve had the privilege to work with have healed themselves by opening to this Universal Source Energy Medicine. And they’ve let go of their old, crippling mental and emotional habits, and have learned to forgive and love themselves and others again. They’ve become peaceful, creative and happy with life once more—and gained new health!

            Typically, we would commence with 4 to 6 sessions, and then evaluate your progress. It is always your choice as to how you wish to continue with your Energy Medicine treatments. I am a kind, thoughtful listener and able practitioner, and I look forward to sharing our first session together.

Please email me at for more information and to set up an appointment. I look forward to meeting you face-to-face soon.

Here’s to your health!

The Feminine Re-Awakening with Miriam Sanua

   Miriam combines her love and passion in sharing the stillness of the heart as the Infinite gateway of Source to the Higher Self and Universal truth, wisdom, love and power. The gift of Self-love re-empowers and heals, integrates and re-aligns the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of one's being, consciously and energetically. The goal is the transmutation of the consciousness of separation to one of truth and unity. Through her own interesting personal journey and life experiences, Miriam has a good understanding of the need and empowering benefits for deep inner personal transformative work.

   Greatly aware of the exciting times we are now living in, it is with joy and love that she facilitates the unfoldment of each person's divinely inspired expression of who they are and their unique soul purpose. As we cross the bridge taking humanity from the world of fear-based domination, structure and control to that of the balanced, new feminine-masculine consciousness of fearlessness, sharing, unconditional love, unconditional acceptance, caring, gentleness, humility, service and unity, Miriam enjoys sharing the bigger picture to life that pulls all the loose threads together. She inspires those she works with to courageously and safely jump out of the societal box, flipping 180 degrees to de-condition ourselves of everything we have been taught, thus turning a challenging life to one of harmonious universal flow. In the process of Surrendering, Opening, Allowing, Releasing and Receiving, awakening comes as a remembering that we are 100% pure love and spirit, here for the service of others and the healing of the world around us.  

Miriam invites you to take an honest and sincere look at your Life and both your Inner and Outer Environments. In today’s stressful life we give our power away and we are not being true to ourselves. We have lost the ability to live to our fullest and highest potential and perceive the truth that surrounds us.

If you are experiencing:
Compromised Health
Dysfunctional Relationships
Lack of Enthusiasm or Creativity
Diminished Abundance
Disconnection from Your Inner Power

The chances are you need to take time to go deep inside yourself to resolve the unconscious blocks that are being mirrored to you from the outside world.

 It is Miriam’s joy and passion to facilitate your Re-empowerment, as you realign your Core Personal Values, Beliefs, Attitudes, Perceptions, Behaviour, Identity, Inner and Outer Environments. The purpose of deep inner work is to Open to, Process and Integrate the Four Bodies--Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual by:

Reconnecting to the Wounded and Healing Inner Child

Resolving Issues of Guilt, Shame, Anger, Sadness, Grief and Loneliness,

Fear and Terror that stem from Childhood and Parental Issues;

Releasing Negative Thought forms
Dialoguing with Internal Soul Parts
Tapping into the Unconscious 
Communication and Play with the Inner Child

Integration, Balancing and Grounding the Four Aspects of Self

Creation of Greater Self Awareness

Balancing and Grounding the Integration of Higher, Expanded Heart Truths and Self-Awarenesses

Opening to the Unconscious and Superconscious Realms

Realignment and Connection to Higher Self & Source

Healing Modalities are safely and lovingly facilitated through:

Physical and Holistic Integrative Lifestyle Consultations
Engaging Visualization/Meditations
Native and Animal Medicine Journeys
Connecting to the Spiritual Masters
Internal Focusing
Traveling the Past/Future Timeline
Transformational Energy Medicine

Self-love and Self-awareness will change your life

Explore your choices, desires, deeper inner truths and dreams to co-create a perfected reality where the values & attributes of The Great Feminine-Masculine Androgynous Principles of Unconditional Love, Humility, Nurturing, Simplicity, Trust, Peace & Serenity are acknowledged, embraced and balanced as a normal human divine state of being.

Access your deepest remembrances of the Love You Are by transfiguring the old patriarchal masculine; balancing the New Feminine & New Masculine; connecting to Spirit, The Spiritual Masters and yourself as Healer, Lover, Teacher and Transformation Self.

Spread the vision for yourselves and the world now & the children of the future.

Miriam coaches private sessions and offers groups for women as part of the Women's Self-Discovery Program. Other workshops that Miriam has facilitated with her women’s groups include:

The Path To Ascension and Self-Actualization
Crossing The Rainbow Bridge Workshop
Karma and Reincarnation Workshop
The Earth Mother Healing Workshop
The Dream Workshop

To contact Miriam for a private consultation or for the organization of Workshops in your area please call 416-398-3484 or email

Group Workshops and Private Session Testimonials

“The Women’s Group has supported my efforts in my emotional and spiritual growth. It has kept me focused and on track dealing with the trials and stresses of life. I am learning useful strategies to help me relax, and clear any negative thoughts and emotional baggage that I may carry with me. It has been a totally rewarding and enlightening experience!” B. L. Sauble Beach

“Women’s Self-Discovery Course has helped me to reach inside, to trust myself more and to be comfortable with where I am in my journey to evolve and grow in all ways as a human being. It is a gentle, safe, supportive place to explore and express my inner thoughts and feelings and resulting outward reactions. I have come to know myself better through its calming, meditative environment.” S. KM. Durham

“The Women’s Group which Miriam has been leading has been an enriching experience in so many ways. Her ability to express and bring to the group her sensitive awareness; knowledge of life and how it works; elaborations of story within story and her quiet presence assures us of our own unique unfoldment and helps us to cultivate our humanity so that we can live more spirit and soul-filled lives; trusting the heart-centered process within which helps us to heal within and without so that everyone benefits. We become true healers and life takes on a whole new dimension.”

J M - Durham

“I am reading our previous emails that you have sent to me that are providing me with courage and strength, not to mention some wonderful wisdom that only you can provide me…. Simple yet powerful not convoluted. I would like you to help me…”

M R - Brampton
“Dear Miriam

I thank you for all of your generosity and support towards my husband and me.

Your dedication and guidance and kind-hearted approach towards my spiritual development is unparalleled. You have provided me with a safe haven where I can be free, not fearful of any judgment. I always know that it only requires a few words of wisdom from you to calm my nerves and lift my spirits.

My insides tell me that you are very important in my spiritual growth and transformation. Time will tell and there are many crossroads to face.

Miriam, you are someone I truly admire and respect. You have opened my eyes to many different ways of looking at my emotions ­ befriending and surrendering to them. Listening to my heart and thanking my fears for their lessons.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You never knew how many times you saved me”.

M.R - Brampton

Thank you with all of my heart. It was a very powerful experience and exactly what I have been longing for. I really enjoy your energy and presence, it brings so much light into my world and I am sure to many others.

I will carry this experience with me forever. Absolutely beautiful and I am so looking forward to seeing you again when I return.”

K.O. Toronto

“ps...thanks again for a wonderfully-uplifting and re-focusing session this past Saturday. It was definitely what we all needed.”

J.R. Sauble Beach

“Dear Miriam:  I just wanted to thank you for sharing this past Saturday.  Your words touched the hearts and the minds of all in the room in a profound way.  Your great heart, your great faith and your spirit are such a gift to the world.” I.S. Toronto

"I have had the pleasure of receiving insight and wisdom from Miriam as her client in Toronto. I underwent both group and personal development work with this wonderfully light and comforting soul. In our group sessions, she brought a quiet, feminine wisdom that inspired me to explore and welcome some amazing parts of myself and of my being that had previously eluded my consciousness. In our individual work, she made me feel at ease and seemed to know exactly what I needed. She encouraged me when I needed to be pushed and our sessions made me feel so much more cleared of encumbering emotions. Her techniques helped to remind me of my connection to Mother Earth and to my Spirit Guides. Her love shines through her eyes and her smile and I feel lucky to know her and to be able to carry her vibrant energy with me always". K.S. Montreal

“Hi Miriam,

What a lovely note and it warmed my heart (I actually felt my heart chakra vibrating after reading your words).  How cool is that...” J. Victoria

“Miriam is a highly qualified, extraordinary intelligent mother of four teenage boys, who has had intensive experience in many walks of life, in Canada, America and South Africa.  She has paramount people skills and is able to compassionately connect and communicate with each and every person she meets.  She brings deep intuition and knowledge to each workplace and situation with which she chooses to engage.

She has a deep capacity to love, to have fun, to make people laugh and to brighten each person’s day.  She brings her resilient spirit and rich training background in team skills and interpersonal communications, negotiation, management and administration to co-create a pleasant, efficient and energized team and service environment.

Miriam’s peaceful, straightforward way brings grounding, centering, peace and healing to all those she coaches and facilitates both individually and in groups. Her grace and charm will uplift the day and bring confidence to all staff and the public”. JBM

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