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Personal and Group Therapies for individual Soul Work


Individual soul work is a collaborative and confidential relationship between a therapist and a client. Treatment may consist of short-term counseling or long-term therapy, depending on your specific needs. An initial consultation can help you determine the best choice.

Individual soul work is dynamic and creative, and works well both with youth and adults. It can be used to address any number of issues such as depression, anxiety, work concerns, anger and shame, loss and grief, fear and trauma, abuse, relationship challenges, spiritual emergency and low self-esteem. It can also be used to meet a desire for personal growth and to clear emotions to prevent illness.

There are a wide variety of approaches or modalities used in counseling. The following modalities are offered to individuals, families and small groups for intensive inner work, personal transformation and conscious integration.

FOCUSING is a technique to allow your consciousness to attend to what is happening in the moment within your physical body, your emotions, feelings and your mind.

DIAPHRAGMATIC BREATHING is slow, deep, conscious inhaling and exhaling that relaxes, releases stress, depression and anxiety, and calms the mind and heart.

CREATIVE VISUALIZATION allows the mind to disengage from the "to do" list, opens up new possibilities, integrates the brain hemispheres and helps you to plan your life.

MEDITATION is the quieting and emptying of the mind, opening to and receiving from the universal Higher Mind, connecting to spirit, and accessing your personal destiny.

EMOTIONAL RELEASE is an energetic unblocking and outward flowing of held-in emotions such as anxiety, anger, sadness and fear. The counselor does this through deep breathing, visualization, self-hypnosis, meditation and energy work.

KRIYA YOGA is a set of ancient techniques of breathing, inner chanting, meditations, and mental and spiritual linking up with spiritual masters which brings peace, joy, certainty, confidence, full karmic release and conscious Self-awakening.

DREAMWORK allows one to tap the wealth of knowledge and energy trapped within the personal unconscious and brings direction, focus and personal integration.

ETHERIC HEALING uses subtle, high vibrations to clear blockages in chakras, meridians and organs, open the mind and heart, heal tissues and re-energize the etheric, mental, emotional and physical bodies. This is advanced Qi Gong and Reiki.

ART THERAPY explores your unconscious thoughts, emotions and impulses in order to heal the emotions, clear mental trauma, awaken the creative Self and find direction.

JUNGIAN DEPTH PSYCHOLOGY allows you to take off the masks or persona, depose the false personality or ego, confront your shadow, find your inner masculine and feminine, release your soul from prison, connect to the universal spirit and Be Self.

EGO WORK removes old defense mechanisms and masks, deals with hidden pain, opens and resolves all feelings and emotions, completes mid-life crises, stops the ego from running and ruining you life, makes the soul and heart the living center of you.

SHADOW WORK is essential for a full, vibrant life, for 95% of your energy and personality is locked in your unconscious. You find, transform and re-integrate the negative shadow that blocks your life, love and work. You find the positive shadow and use its creative force for life, love, work, art, exercise and enlightenment.

PSYCHOLOGICAL ANDROGYNY allows you to be all you can be and do more with life, and integrates full feelings and energies of archetypal masculine and feminine.

FINDING YOUR HIGHER SELF allows you to become your authentic nature, open to higher consciousness; be in an effortless daily flow of synchronicity, joy and love.

SPIRITUAL MASTERS and Higher Beings exist around you constantly. To avail yourself of their love, guidance and protection you need to know who they are, how to communicate with them, how to open to their energies and align your consciousness. Authenticity and spontaneity result.

GESTALT approach takes into account mind, heart and body. You become aware of what is happening to you each moment. Authenticity and spontaneity result.

PSYCHODRAMA allows you to connect with all your inner parts and let them have a voice. Conflicts resolve, you become more alive and integrated.

ANIMAL MEDICINES allow you to consciously experience becoming the animals in your dreams and inner world. Like our ancestors, we feel one with all creatures.

SWEAT LODGES purify body, mind and soul, give your courage, strength and will power, and help your consciousness travel to all worlds and connect you to spirit.

SOUL RETRIEVAL deals with split-off soul parts caused by abuse, incest and past lives deaths; it is a spiritual, energetic shamanic technique to make the parts conscious and to integrate them into the core Self.

CREATIVE MOVEMENT allows your soul to move your physical, opens energetic meridians, releases tension in muscles, soothes the organs and brings spontaneity.

PERSONAL MYTHOLOGY makes you treat your life like a heroic journey, gives you a clear overview, presents trials to meet, tasks to complete, and goals to achieve. You learn to change the ineffective parental patterns and choose your own path in life.

LIFE ENERGY BREATHWORK AND BODYWORK™ allow you to release anxiety and tension, learn to breathe more efficiently, release old emotions, expand your consciousness, connect to your Diamond Crystal Heart, explore any lifetime, connect to the higher energies of spirit and open to the creative, loving Self.

MUSIC shifts metabolism, respiration, heart rate and blood pressure, opens the imagination, clears and heals emotions, awakens the soul and body and brings joy and beauty.

PAST LIVES KARMIC HEALING finds, transforms and heals negative core issues, thoughts, feelings and actions from any life, breaks old patterns in life and relationships, purifies the mind and heart, heals the physical body and brings bliss.

NUTRITIONAL CONSULTATION evaluates your proper diet, exercise, breathing, sleep and other health concerns. We offer nutritional products, readings, and analyses.

REIKI is a gentle transformational energetic healing. We offer you the Japanese, Hawaiian, Egyptian, African and First Nations forms.

LIFE LINE THERAPY™ allows you to physically and energetically reconnect with the threads and patterns of your life, clear the blockages, reprogram and open to spirit.

NEURO-LINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING (NLP) allows you to remove the negative, limiting filters and perceptions, expand your consciousness infinitely, explore new life possibilities, integrate mind, soul and body.

STORY TELLING uses archetypal and mythological themes and variations to explore the blocks, tests, trials, options and opportunities in your life, relationships and work.

SPIRITUAL FENG SHUI is used when there are negative energies in your property, home and office. It effectively reduces negativity, accidents and promotes energy flow.

ABUSE, INCEST AND POST-TRAUMATIC STRESS SYNDROME issues are gently healed through memory desensitization, self-hypnosis, art therapy and journaling.

JOURNALING AND POETRY WRITING allow you to explore feelings, clear blockages, become creative, find life direction and become more self-aware.

MARRIAGE AND FAMILY ISSUES are revealed, clarified, processed and healed to give you personal freedom. Adlerian and Family Therapy techniques like family genograms, systems, solution-focused and brief therapies are used.

TRANSPERSONAL PSYCHOLOGY creatively explores the truth of you being a soul with spirit connections, having an earthly incarnation to heal self-worthiness and relationships, to open your Diamond Crystal Heart and to find personal freedom and realization.

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