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Through our ground breaking workshops, seminars, courses, books, audio tapes and consulting services, we strive to bring the soul into its full truth of being.

Together we can co-create your unique soul enrichment program. Our services are of interest to individuals, groups and communities. Individual sessions are usually one and a half hours.

We offer custom modular seminars of half day, full day and longer duration as well as evenings and weekends, depending on your needs.

Fees range according to modules and time duration.


Customized Courses: We offer custom modular seminars of half day, full day and longer duration as well as evenings and weekends, depending on your needs. Fees range according to modules and time duration


Physical Body(Self-Healing)

  • Focusing, Visualization, Meditation
  • Life Energy Breathwork and Bodywork™
  • Personal Physiological Constitution
  • Diet, Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep and Fasting
  • Kriya Yoga and Meditation for Energy
  • Qigong Exercises for Health and Healing
  • Healing Circles, Animal Spirit Medicines
Life Energy Breathwork and Bodywork™ :

A combination of 25 years of integrating experience with Rebirthing, Holotropic Breathwork, Qi Gong, martial arts, and the present-day types of bodywork. Learn the basics, live them in each breath and movement. Integrate and heal in each moment of your experience.

Music, Sound and Soul Psychology:

All creation and creativity start with sounds. The source is deep in our bodies and souls. We start with listening to the body — to its sounds, beats and rhythms. Our voice comes from deep inside the wellspring of our being. We can assist our self in releasing our voice. Movements, emotions, rituals and drumming go with these Source sounds, and we will use rituals from world cultures to help us find and define our own sound. We will practice listening for one’s own keynote and to the silence and stillness between sounds. We will improvise on piano, voice, drums and other instruments. We will move rhythmically. Personal rituals and story telling help embody our own soul music. Our aim is to create a unified musical brain/body synthesis. For beginners or those already musically minded.

Creative Movement:

Learn what kinds of music inspire which kinds of emotions, sensations and movements within you. Which types of sounds invoke triggers of memories? You will move through various emotional states such as anger, sadness, fear, joy, peace, freedom and bliss through this modality.

Young Men’s Rites of Passage:

Through contact with nature, sweat lodges, emotional release, self-awareness and team play, young men learn to accept their abilities, explore their inner path and quest, and become one with themselves. You learn respect, kindness, concentration, discipline and will power.

Spiritual Feng Shui:

This is advanced Feng Shui for those who wish to learn practices beyond the Chinese and Tibetan techniques of balancing energies in homes, property, offices and furniture. This includes more ancient and modern techniques from Egypt, Greece, Africa, the British Isles and the Americas, which includes geomancy, continental energies, ley lines, bioelectromagnetism and more. Case examples will be studied as well as diagrams, procedures and time lines.


Emotional Body(Self-Awareness)

  • Emotional Release and Management of: Anger, Rage and Shame; Sadness, Loneliness and Grief; Fear and Terror
  • Creative Art Playshops
  • Healing the Inner Child
  • From Codependency to Interdependency
  • Past Lives Karmic Healing
  • Heart Ways of Knowing and Being
  • Emotional Self-Discovery

Emotions run our lives for better or worse. Repressed ‘negative’ emotions are retained by the body, eventually taking their toll in the form of undue stress, ruined relationships and mental, emotional and physical dis-ease. This series of workshops is designed to help you release these emotions promoting inner healing, increased energy and self-empowerment.

Anger, Rage, Shame, Guilt and Depression Karmic Release and Healing:

A thorough experiential workshop for accessing and releasing anger, rage and shame, with forty tips that you can use on a daily basis.

Sadness, Loneliness and Grief Karmic Release and Healing:

Release the hidden baggage of hidden grief and sadness from past losses, relationships, deaths, jobs and lost dreams. An experiential workshop to get you on your way.

Fear and Terror Karmic Release and Healing:

How much does conscious and hidden fear hold you back? Find the inner child and adult issues that block you from life’s energies and your forward path. A multifaceted, powerful yet gentle experience that allows you to take charge of your thoughts, feelings and actions.


These workshops are the original, highly popular courses at the Ontario College of Art.

Myths, Dreams, Symbols, Self-Discovery (Level One):

Artists derive much of their creative imagery from their inner world. Dreams are the reservoir of this wealth of knowledge that comes in the form of archetypal, collective and personal symbols. This workshop allows us to gain a dialogue with our "right brain" through dreams, music, feelings and spontaneous play. Mythology is the collective dream. We explore the mythologies of Egypt, Greece, Rome, Maya, Native North America and Japan, among others. Creativity is the aim of the workshop. To develop this we use symbol, color, number, music, drama and ritual. We draw inspiration from Jung’s psychology, world mythologies and cosmologies, and art from tribal cultures.

Aesthetics, Creativity and the Artist (Level Two):

The aim of this workshop is to understand and experience how the mind and soul of the artist can work and play and to explore artistic expression through visual, auditory and kinesthetic pathways. As in Myths, Dreams, Symbols, Self-Discovery, we will study mythologies, arts and spiritualities of world cultures. Archetypes of Jungian psychology are explored in more depth — in particular meeting our shadow. Using music, movement, the five senses and drawing, we experience and develop emotional expression. We are introduced to the psychological and philosophical study of creativity, aesthetics and imagination in the artistic process. We will look at the models provided by great artists, writers, musicians and scientists and use these to help our own vision and creativity. Everyone has inner creative energy — our goal is to unlock the source. Manifest the beauty and force through symbolic meaningful expressions. We use visualization, music, writing, poetry, painting, movement and ritual. The practice of art therapy is covered.

Multi-Modal Creativity and Innovation (Level Three):

For those who have completed Levels one and two, and for established artists and teachers, we offer this special workshop in creative theory and practice. We explore archetypal themes: death and rebirth, the creative masculine, the lost feminine, good and evil, light and dark, the Holy Grail, the inner quest, balance of opposites, the romantic quest, angelic realms, universal creation. We will see how these pertain to our lives and art. We work with personal identification with the following archetypes: the higher Self, anima, animus, trickster, fool, wise old person, shadow and others. We will use the following inner psychological methods: meditations, chakra meditations, personal color awareness, and creation of personal mandalas and visualizations. We use the following expressive art techniques: six sense awareness, performance art, ritualistic art, kinesthetic art, kinetic art, improvisational music and primordial sound. We will study certain Western masters whose interest is the spiritual in art: William Blake, Kandinsky, Mondriaan, Klee, Lawren Harris, Tom Thomson, Emily Carr, Georgia O’Keefe and Michael Robinson.

Healing the Inner Child:

The numinous image of the divine inner child, according to Jung, "is the part of the human personality which wants to develop and become whole". The child is conditioned through parental and societal influences. The ability to experience authentic feelings has been lost with the burying of the inner child, especially feelings of sadness and joy. Natural vitality and creativity are reclaimed when one finds the innocence, playfulness and wonder of the child within. In this workshop we also will work on healing the abandoned or abused inner child and resolve old traumas. We will forgive ourselves and release our parents in love. We will look at how the child can be a source for our creative energies and how the adult can develop compassionate awareness for others and one’s own children. We will work with art, music, small group processing, memory retrieval and the methods of Stettbacher, Miller and Bradshaw.

Releasing Co-Dependency:

Particularly for those dealing with co-dependency of parents, spouses/lovers and children. This is also for adult children of alcoholics and abuse survivors. This is for those who wish to create healthy boundaries and interdependence in relationships. We will use group discussions and techniques of NLP, Life Line Therapy and reframing core self-identity. We will work on the technique of drawing a map of your healthy future. This involves rediscovering feelings and emotional needs and becoming clear on which ones we can meet and which ones can be met with others.

Past Lives Karmic Healing:

Ancient texts and modern research have looked at the memory of past lives. This is one of the most essential and innovative experiences you may ever have. We look at these types of karma: personal, marital, family lineage, locale, ethnic, national and global. We use Edgar Cayce techniques to find locations of our past lives and study reincarnation. Through regression, we experience past lives with mother, father and a significant other. For some, this involves recalling painful recurring psychological themes and changing them to healthy patterns of interaction. We study the ideas and therapies of Wambach, Netherton, Woolger and Motoyama.

Heart Ways of Knowing and Being:

Many cultures and traditions have described the heart center as a specific locus of energy mastery in the human personality. We will look at these traditions, particularly Buddhist, Sufi and Vedanta, and discuss these along with Jungian Depth Psychology. We will learn and combine techniques of meditation, creative writing, Jungian Progoff journaling and spontaneous drawing.

Woman’s Self Discovery:

Explore what it truly means to be a self-realized woman in these times: to live from the spiritual heart, to be creatively active, to reclaim one’s deep compassionate nature, to be intimate with one Self and with all others.


Mental Body (Self-Confidence)

  • Life Path Series Workshops (includes guided visualizations with music): Identity, Beliefs and Values, Capabilities, Attitudes, Behaviours, Environment (Inner and Outer)
  • Pure Mind Training (NLP Plus): Basic Level, Masters Level, Trainers Level
  • Exploring Your Dreams and Personal Mythology
  • Focusing and Intuition Development
  • Embedding Self-Trust in the Four Bodies
  • Life Line Technique™
  • Story Telling
  • Dissolving the Ego

Neuro-Linguistic Programming Basic Certification

Learn HOW to learn. How many years did you spend in school? How much of it is practically useful in your daily life? Reflect upon your beliefs about yourself — your intelligence, your creativity, your dreams and hopes. Uncover the best possible you. Using Gregory Bateson’s mind and nature theory, NLP, Jungian psychology and Transpersonal psychology, we focus on our self-identity and shed the outmoded socialized persona. Live your essence from inside out.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming Masters Certification

This advanced series of spirit-mind-soul-body connection and integration methodologies explores the higher and deeper awareness of being. Through novel new concepts and techniques such as Life Line Therapy you learn to feel, live, think, speak and act in every moment with the perfect flow of your Diamond Crystal Heart. When the inside is healed and expanded to incorporate the universe, your possibilities of living and being is infinite.

Exploring Your Dreams and Personal Mythology

Each of us lives a personal mythology, an inner drama whose plot we enact over and over each day. Yet its theme usually lives in the unconscious, out of our grasp. Carl G. Jung showed us dreams are the reservoir of knowledge, which comes in the form of archetypal, collective and personal symbols. This is a journey of Self-discovery with ritual, dreams, active imagination, music and drawing. We establish a relationship with our conscious, unconscious and superconscious. We learn ten techniques for working with our dreams; looking at our life as personal mythology and its relation to our family and ancestral roots. We ask new questions about our relationship to the mysteries of the universe.



Identity is the innermost core and concept of one’s self. When consciously realized, it acts as a foundation, a directional rudder, and a fully charged energy source. Without it, life can be a series of difficult challenges lacking guidance. Surrender to a mystical inner experience to recapture your core identity.

Beliefs and Values:

Beliefs and values are the unconscious programs that run our lives. They come from early socialization, peer influence, media and cultural conditioning. If they are outdated from previous generations, life can be lived in a very restrictive, habitual and unhappy manner. This provides a clear and meaningful perspective on existing beliefs and values. As well, you can reassess and change old beliefs and values — choosing to live the ones that make you truly happy, productive and open-minded.


Capabilities are all the talents, abilities and gifts (both innate and learned) that give us the flexibility to make changes easily, the strength to create whatever we need in our lives and the knowledge to enable us to relate to anyone about anything we choose. This will help you strengthen and develop many capabilities, making your life richer than ever before.


Attitudes are the glasses we wear when we look at life. Attitudes provide the perspective we put on our thinking and feeling about people and conditions. How would you benefit now by allowing yourself to reassess and clear out unhealthy attitudes then install powerful, constructive ones at your core level? What would your life be if every day were joyful, peaceful, productive and fun? This experience allows you to create these conditions in the unconscious mind.


Behaviours usually occur automatically in the way we have habitually learned them in the past. Most of us have limiting behaviours that bring what we least desire into our lives. Learn to create meaningful behaviours that communicate what you feel and wish to experience and express. Reflect on what your life would be like if every action brought a congruent, positive result for you. You will develop your ability to establish behaviours that fit with your new awareness, growing consciousness and feelings about your life.

Environment (Inner and Outer):

Environment includes our Inner and Outer Environment. If our Inner Environment is confused and toxic, often, our Outer Environment is the same way. It is helpful to know that most often we can change our Inner Environment, whereas, the Outer Environment is not usually within our capability to transform. Experience exciting and uplifting ways to clean out the inner confusion and create natural, healthy inner spaces for yourself. This inside-out process should inspire beautifying changes in your Outer Environment.

Embedding Self-Trust in the Four Bodies:

Within our four bodies — etheric, mental, emotional and physical — are locked traumas and fears, "shoulds" and "should-nots" and addictions. We study these with the help of inner body dialogue, Jungian active imagination, NLP, Psychosynthesis, Transpersonal Psychology and visualizations and meditations. These step-by-step procedures can help us let go of the old unhealthy thoughts and develop balanced, self-trusting thoughts.

Story Telling:

Using archetypal and mythological themes and variations that fit the personality and growth needs of the individual, we tell stories to spark the imagination, explore the shadow, shatter the ego and inspire the Diamond Crystal Heart. Some themes we expand upon are Death and Rebirth, Good and Evil, Light and Dark, the Creative Masculine, the Lost Feminine, the Romantic Quest, the Vision, the Holy Grail, the Three Trials, the Journey to the Underworld and the Path to the Upper World, Angelic Realms and Universal Creation.

Psychological Androgyny:

Explore your inner feminine if you’re a man and your inner masculine if you’re a woman. Through playful, insightful, archetypal experiences based on the works of Jung and Singer, you will come closer to the "inner marriage". Creativity, work and relationships all depend essentially on becoming fully masculine and fully feminine in an energetic, psychological way.


Spiritual Body(Self-Unity)

  • Diamond Crystal Heart Workshops: Opening the gateway to the Diamond Crystal Heart
  • Principles and Practices of Etheric Healing (Source Healing Textbook & Remedies)
  • Kundalini Kriya Yoga and Meditation
  • The Essence of the Chakras
  • Who Are All The Spiritual Masters?

Kundalini Kriya Yoga and Meditation:

Babaji Nagaraj of India brought Kriya Yoga, the ancient science of spiritual and physical immortality, back to the world through Swami Lahiri Mahasaya, Swami Sri Yukteswar and through Paramahansa Yogananda. The initiations and practices of this training in Kriya Yoga come directly from Babaji Nagaraj. Kriya Yoga is the summation and pinnacle of personal, spiritual and human evolution. Through these practices you obtain direct results in much less time, although diligent effort is required.

Who are all the Spiritual Masters?

Learn the names, histories and personalities of all the great Spiritual Teachers. You may start to feel closer to them through this workshop: Jesus The Sananda Christ, Mother Mary, Buddha, Babaji Nagaraj, Paramahansa Yogananda, Shiva, Shakti, Dendreah The White Buffalo Woman, Rabia, Avalokiteshvara, Kwan Yin, Zoroaster, Moses, Merlin, Archangels Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and Ariel, Metatron, Tashunke Witko (Crazy Horse), Hinmaton Yalatkit (Chief Joseph), Tatanka Yotanka (Sitting Bull), Goyatle (Geronimo), Tecumthe (Tecumseh), Deganawideh (Peacemaker), Hehaka Sapa (Black Elk), Crow Foot, Poundmaker, Cochise, Mohammed, Lao-Tzu and hundreds of others. Through connecting to these heroes and heroines of our world, we learn to accept ourselves as heroic in our own lives and to make something greater out of ourselves.

Principles and Practice of Etheric Healing:

Through our ground-breaking book on Source Healing and over 100 remedies, we explore with you the etheric, energetic connections to Source that allow for our being, our healing, our regeneration, our expansion, our immortality. This workshop is for homeopaths, naturopaths, chiropractors, energy workers, medical doctors and anyone interested in the field of Vibrational Medicine.

The Essence of the Chakras:

Hindu and Buddhist knowledge identifies seven energy centers of the human body. Modern research has examined the bioelectro-magnetic aspects of these centers. We will explore the details of this knowledge for each chakra. We will explore the methods developed to unblock these energy centers and allow them to freely transmit and receive. Sounds, colors and minerals associated with each chakra will also be discussed.

From Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt to the Present:

We explore with you the writings and knowledge of Edgar Cayce, Rudolf Steiner, Carl Jung and many others to rewrite the true history of our ancient times and the links between all civilizations and spiritual traditions. There is an emphasis on the present set of circumstances and the personal and global directions for the near and far future.

The Nature of the Holy Grail and the Diamond Crystal Heart:

Why is the Story of the Holy Grail the most popular myth in all cultures of the world today? Through various ancient and modern texts, and hidden knowledge through the centuries, explore the connection between Adam, King David, Jesus, Joseph of Arimathea, Merlin, Sir Gawain, King Arthur and our present parameters for evolution and development.


When you enter the Diamond Crystal Heart, you are restored in your life and you are made whole again. Your heart is one with the love of God and God is one with reality. You might define truth as a triangle of God, love and reality. Truth is the point where love and reality are one in God. This is why truth is the universal solvent for all blockages, limitations, conflicts and problems of mortal existence. Love is your true self, which springs forth from God, the indefinable everlasting fountain of existence. When you are being the love that you are, you realize that the secret of success already exists in the nature of your beingness. Solutions to problems, answers to prayers and revelations of purpose already exist. It is your duty and challenge to make yourself available to receive them. Love commands the universe. Humans only resort to control when love is missing. In a world obsessed with control, it is difficult to find even a moment of peace.

  • The Circle of the Diamond Crystal Heart Meditation Opening Visualization-Meditation
  • Learning to Breathe from the Heart, Abdomen and Body
  • Calling in the Spiritual Masters and Creating an Intention for Opening to the Diamond Crystal Heart
  • What the Diamond Crystal Heart Is, The Higher Intelligences of the Diamond Crystal Heart


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