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The Big Questions

Holistic living is all about knowing your identity and answering life's major questions:
"Who am I?"
"Why am I here?"
"What is my soul purpose?"
"Where will I go after?"
"When will I be truly happy?" and
"How will I find myself and be on my path?"

It is valuable to know that you are not your job, thoughts or your physical body. Your true identity integrates the Four Bodies and awakens soul purpose. The answers you receive to these questions will be unique to you, just as your soul purpose is.

Through our ground breaking workshops, seminars, courses, books, audio tapes and consulting services we strive to bring the soul into its full truth of being.

Together we can co-create your unique soul enrichment program.
Our services are of interest to individuals, groups and communities.

We salute you in choosing to move courageously and strongly onto your path of hopeful change.

We are: Miriam Sanua, Joseph Barry Martin, Ph.D.

We live the passion, we choose to serve!

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