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Personalized Healing Mandalas

Personalized Source Mandalas for Individuals to Ground, Centre, Heal and Harmonize

These colourfully resonant, ancient-modern, computer-generated Mandalas are specifically created for you, based on your birth chart and present life circumstances, in order to heal the four energy bodies, including your spirit, mind, emotions and genetic-biochemical-physiological body.

You will receive a specific and general healing over time when you print this in colour and meditate with your healing Source Mandala daily. It embodies powerful Source Universal Love and Light energies, along with your original etheric-causal Source Being-Template.

Meditating with your Mandala reconnects your spirit to Source, heals the mind, creates forgiveness and compassionate loving kindness in your heart and emotions, releases blocked energies in the physical DNA, cells, tissues, organs and systems,and allows healing, natural Universal Love to flow once again throughout your being.
Here’s to your perfect Health and Beingness!

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