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18 Miracles for your healing journey into the light

This book is to help you celebrate the fact that you are a miracle yourself. The challenges it takes to be conceived, born, grow and heal are immense. And you are making this journey perfectly. The more you understand these 18 Miracles that rule the universe and Divine-Human reality, the more harmony, balance and flow your life will have. As you progressively deal with your fears, suffering and pain, you will find the love, hope, courage and trust return to your heart’s love experiences. Remember that TRUST is Total Receptivity Uniting with Source Truth.
As you SOAR, Surrender-Open-Allow-Release-Receive, and apply these miracles daily to your every breath, thought, feeling and sensation, you will reap the riches of knowing just how miraculous your life really is! I have used these miracles for over 40 years to heal myself and thousands of students, clients, and workshop attendees. Truth reigns. Healing happens.
Love IS All. The Light IS Everything. It’s my hope for each of you that as you consciously Become the Love You Are, you will fulfill your life’s destiny and purpose with passion, joy and a deep sense of richest fulfillment.
Founder and Director of the Academy of World Psychology and Creative Arts, psychotherapist and medical-psychological anthropologist, Joseph has researched and trained thousands of clients in a vast network of complementary ancient and modern quantum healing modalities for over 37 years. Joseph is a composer, artist and writer living in Victoria, BC.

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