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Peacful War: Asserting Victory

Peaceful War: Asserting Victory compiles poetry written at the turn of the millennium as we move into the 21st century. The battle between the spiritual and animal sides of our human nature has always been at the centre of our psychology and our civilizations. Since the dawn of time, the history of our Earth has been the story of endless conflicts through warfare and domination. At this next juncture, as we move into what the Indigenous peoples call the Fifth World in 2012, we must find revolutionary new methods of interpersonal resolutions in order to evolve, thrive and leave a healthy planet and increasing world unity for our descendants and All Our Relations.

The ensouled and ennobled heart is the only mediator between our spirit and animal natures. These poems hopefully create an energetic, living bridge between our polarities. Through this heart awakening, you will experience the
higher virtues of being the Love You Are, including invincible courage, catalytic confidence, superior strength, and the natural ability to decide and act with compassion and kindness. May your journey be one of joy and friendship.

While deeply honouring the sacred sacrifices of all warriors and soldiers past, present and future, these poems ask us to reflect upon the brutality, inhumanity, hopelessly dashed dreams, and the personal, family and collective tragedies that result from wars and their strategies. We all desire peace, and the path of the Peacemaker is finally at hand. The sane response to our dilemma is to experience a quantum heart leap into the Presence of the Source Heart, so that all our actions will succeed and grow our personal love capacities.

Founder and Director of the Academy of World Psychology and Creative Arts, psychotherapist and medical-psychological anthropologist, Joseph Barry Martin has researched and trained thousands of clients in a vast network of complementary ancient and modern quantum healing modalities for over 37 years. Joseph is a composer, artist and writer living in Victoria BC.

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