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Travelling Light

We are thrilled to announce the publication of our new book ‘Travelling Light, A Call To Great Power Through The Nine Inner Places Of Truth, Freedom And Love Consciousness.’ (559 pages)

The introduction of Travelling Light shares qualities of the spiritual peacemaker warrior through ancient Toltec knowledge. This life-challenging, adventurous story follows the hero and his teacher don Miguel through Latin America.

The main text then becomes a self-help book for you the hero-heroine to open gateways to the Nine Inner Great Power Places of Truth, Freedom and Love, your true identity as conscious Source Light and greater Pure Love.

Based on 37 years of intensive experience with individuals and groups, Travelling Light embodies all the Eastern, Western and First Nations modalities of the world, including particularly Ayurveda and Kriya Kundalini Yoga.

Inspirational and practical, transform your life through ancient and modern physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual techniques. The book is based on and therefore useful as a text for individual and group classes and study.

Divine readings and mythological stories, along with techniques for working with inner children, dreams and the unconscious, creativity, soul vocation, personal mythology and soul relationships come to life. Joyfully fulfill your path of remembering to be the love you are!”

As you know the modalities, techniques and most of all Heart Love-Light consciousness we in Source Co-Creations embody and wish to share is what the book is about. We trust you will have much great use and enjoyment from ‘Travelling Light.’  The book will soon be available for sale and the price is $36.99 CAN, $31.99 US.

All joy and health to you,

Book outline Travelling Light:

A Call to Great Power through the Nine Inner Places of Truth, Freedom and Love Consciousness (Volume I)
By Dr. Joseph Barry Martin with Miriam Sanua

1.1     Preface
1.2     Introduction

1.2.1  King Arthur and the Holy Grail

1.3     Guide to the Program

1.4     Messages from Universal Source

1.5     Sacred Silence, Light Within

1.6     Opening Divine Meditation

2.0     Divine-Human Physical ­ 4 Parts

3.0     Divine-Human Emotional ­ 4 Parts

4.0     Divine-Human Mental ­ 4 Parts

5.0     Divine-Human Spiritual ­ 4 Parts

6.0     Divine-Human Unconscious ­ 4 Parts (Dreams, Shadow, Inner Child)

7.0     Divine-Human Creativity ­ 4 Parts

8.0     Divine-Human Vocation & Prosperity ­ 4 Parts

9.0     Divine-Human Personal Mythology ­ 4 Parts

10.0   Divine-Human Soul Relationships ­ 4 Parts

11.0   Index

12.0   Bibliography

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